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Samsung Galaxy U Available: Samsung Galaxy Details Leaked Online

This article contains details about Samsung Galaxy U CellPhone which are available online through unclaimed sources.
There are many news stories doing rounds on internet about the much hyped cell phone from Samsung named Samsung Galaxy U.
Although no source has been named about how these details and specifications of Samsung Galaxy U were arrived at, many technology portals are hosting news articles on their sites about Samsung Galaxy U Phone Details & Tech Specifications.

Screen for Samsung Galaxy U:
The screen for the Galaxy U phone is the AMOLED touch screen, one of the most advanced and better performance screen with the latest technology available.

Connectivity for Samsung Galaxy U:
The phone is reported to be available only on CDMA Rev A network and J-CDMA networks. That will mean GSM carriers will not be supported. However, these are unconfirmed news. Samsung Galaxy U Phone

Network Connectivity for Samsung Galaxy U:
Samsung Galaxy U is reported to come with Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n and Bluetooth 3.0. It is also reported to have DMB-TV broadcasts.
The standard 3.5 mm audio Jack will be available.

Storage capacity for Samsung Galaxy U:
It is reported that the phone will come with a 8 GB card included in the package.
However, The phone is reported to have support for a massive 32 GB Micro-SD card i.e. expandable memory.

Processor for Samsung Galaxy U:
The processor for Galaxy phone is the strongest point - it is reported to be loaded with a 1 GHz processor.

Camera (Imaging & Video) for Samsung Galaxy U:
The phone Samsung Galaxy U is said to come with a 5 mega pixel camera, it has auto focus and 720 High Definiition HD Video Recording Feature.

Price for Samsung Galaxy U Phone:
The price for Samsung Galaxy U Phone are reported to be around 690 USD. It is not confirmed whether this price is for US or for Korea
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