Coal India IPO: Expect 30% Returns on listing Day: Market Experts: Finance Trading Times

Coal India IPO: Expect 30% Returns on listing Day: Market Experts

Yesterday, we had given the details and review about the much awaited Coal India IPO in our article Coal India IPO: Review Analysis & Details. Today, we continue on the same topic covering the details about expected returns from the Coal India IPO as per the variou market voices.
In general, the market mood is expecting the returns on Coal India IPO to be around 30% that too on the upper side of the price band on the listing day
Many experts and analysts believe that the offered price band of Coal India IPO which is set at 225 to 245 Rs. per share is lower. Actual valuation might take it to Rs. 265 to Rs. 330 levels and that is what the various market analysts are expecting to be the traded price on the day of listing for Coal India IPO. Coal India
majority of the brokerage houses in India and abroad are recommending that investors should subscribe to the Coal India IPO at the higher price band of Rs. 245 and can expect to see a listing price anywhere from Rs. 265 to Rs. 330. This might look a bit wide range, but that is what the various market opinions are. However, all of them are claiming that this will surely be a premium listing.
So short term IPO traders who want to make a quick buck in the market can expect some profits on the listing days.

For the long term investors also, the situation is expeted to be good.
India is a fast growing market and Coal India holds the monopoly in Indian coal market. Analysts believe that more technological advances will help Coal India to get more profits in long term, so it is recommended even for a long term hold.

There are many good points about this Coal India IPO
- This is the first IPO in India which has received 5 out of 5 ratings from all three rating agencies - CARE, ICRA and other

- This is the first IPO in India which will have the listed company direct entry into Nifty 50 and Sensex 30 indices

- This is the first IPO for which there will be a direct entry into the derivatives (futures & options) segment
Investors should take the call as per their risk appetite. These are expert opinions which are subject to market risks
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