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GM IPO General Motors IPO: Review Analysis & Details of GM IPO

Another IPO is set to hit the primary stock markets pretty soon. The IPO belongs to General Motors Company, which is the world famous automobile company from the USA and was in bankruptcy state just before July 2009. General Motors or GM has decided to come out with the Initial Public Offering or IPO, although there is no official word about it either from the company officials or from the exchanges.
In this article, we will look at the Review, Analysis and Details of the General Motors IPO and try to do the Review and analysis of General Motors IPO.

General Motors IPO: Review Analysis & Details

Some basic details first about the General Motors IPO, which are available as of now:

- The size of General Motors IPO is expected to be between around $9.5 billion and $10.6 billion USD.

What is the issue size of the General Motors IPO?
Around between 245 million USD to 260 million USD is the size of the IPO. General Motors GM Logog
What is the price band of General Motors IPO?
It is reported that the recommended price band for General Motors IPO is expected to be $26 and $29 each per share. Final price to be decided through 100% book building process.

How many shares will be sold in the General Motors IPO?
The total no. of shares to be sold through this IPO is 365 million common shares. There will be additional sale of $3 billion of preferred shares.

What is the trading symbol & exchange for the General Motors IPO
No info about that

What are the IPO dates for General Motors IPO
The IPO dates have not yet been finalised. The pricing of the IPO is expected to be done on 17th November.

Any ratings given to General Motors IPO?
No information about that.

What are the analysts recommendations and business results for General Motors IPO?
General Motors emerged from so called bankruptcy in the mid 2009. Since then, it has been planning to raise funds with the government owned US treasury being the majority stake holder.
Given the price band of the GM IPO, the company valuations stand at around 60 billion dollars, which will make it one of the largest IPO's in US history.
A comparison to its competitors - Ford has market cap of around 48 billion while Toyota has 120 billion USD market cap
The stock is expected to start trading on New York stock exchange and Toronto stock exchange.
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