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Hindustan Copper FPO IPO: Market Experts Recommendations

We continue further from our previous article Hindustan Copper FPO IPO: Review Analysis & Details Hindustan Copper IPO
The pricing of this FPO will be the most important criteria for this FPO subscription. In this article, we will cover details about

Market Experts Recommendations for Hindustan Copper Limited FPO IPO

As we have already observed in the market that the current existing share are on a big downslide because of the FPO. The stock usually trades in the 400 Rs. range. It is expected that the FPO issue price will be around 200 Rs. which is like a 50% discount. Hence the market is adjusting the prices of exisitng shares in anticipation of the FPO price to be Rs. 200.
MoneyControl has provided a table showing how the stock prices have moved over last some time:
Hindustan Copper Share Price Changes
Period Price Latest Price Gain/Loss (Rs.) % Gain/Loss
3-Days 446.80 407.20 -39.60 -8.86
5-Days 440.70 407.20 -33.50 -7.60
7-Days 445.85 407.20 -38.65 -8.67
15-Days 441.00 407.20 -33.80 -7.66
1-Month 444.95 407.20 -37.75 -8.48
3-Month 447.25 407.20 -40.05 -8.95
6-Month 478.15 407.20 -70.95 -14.84
9-Month 578.75 407.20 -171.55 -29.64
1-Year 293.90 407.20 113.30 38.55

What the market experts say is that if the offer for FPO is made at around 200 Rs., the issue is definitely worth subscription. The current downslide in the market for Hindustan Copper Shares is because of the FPO price expectations, and should not be viewed as a problem. After the FPO, the prices of this stock will stabilise and investors can expect some good returns.
Both for the long term and short term holding, this stock is recommended by majority of the market experts.
Investors should also leave some room for downside, in case the overall market collapses. Remember the Reliance Power IPO? It was the biggest IPO in the India Stock Market at that time, but it failed miserably. Hence, owing to various factors, the stock market may move either way and so can the price of this stock of Hindustan Copper.
ICICI Securities, Enam Securities, Kotak Mahindra Capital, SBI Capital Markets and UBS Securities are BRLM's to the FPO issue
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