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Dearness Allowance: Sixth Pay Commission Recommendation DA for Central Government Employees

Details about Dearness Allowance: Sixth Pay Commission Recommendation
The good news which was much awaited by the central governmetn employees with regards to the dearness allowance is finally here. The governmetn today took a good decision to provide its central government employees with some relief from the high rate of inflation and approved a decision to grant a 51% Dearness Allowance to all the central government emplyees as per the Sixth Pay Commission Recommendation. This is a big increase of 6% from the previous Dearness Allowance DA of 45%.

Dearness Allowance: Sixth Pay Commission Recommendation Details about DA hike

One of the major recommendations from the Sixth Pay Commission was to increase the Dearness Allowance or the DA and was much awaited decision. We had earlier covered details about Dearness Allowance in our articles: Dearness Allowance: Sixth Central Pay Commission Recommendation and Sixth Pay Commission: Dearness Allowance Relief to Pensioners. Sixth Pay Commission

General Sixth Pay Commission Salary Hike & Arrears Calculator

Salary Calculator for Pension calculations for Sixth Pay Commission Salary Hike

How many central government employees will benefit from this Dearness Allowance DA hike as per Six Pay commission recommendation?
More than 50 Lakh central government employees are expected to get the benfit of increased Dearness Allowance.
Along with them, around 38 lakh pensioners are also expected to benefit.

When will the new Dearness Allowance be effective?
The new Dearness Allowance DA value of 51% will be effective from January 1. So employees can expect more money in coming months as arrears payment.

How much money will this hike cost to the exchequer?
It is estimated that this hike of 6% in Dearness Allowance will cost the exchequer an amount of around 5716 Cr per annum.
The Dearness Allowance revision usually happens two times in a year, January and July.
With this DA hike, the Central Government employees who already have got a lot of benefits from the 6th pay commission recommendation have one more additional thing to feel happy about. This will be a relief for them considering the high value of inflation the common man in India is struggling with
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