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Stock Market Best Performing Shares - July 2011

All stock traders like to buy the best performing stock - i.e. the one which gives them the best returns. Very often the traders try to get the details from the general market sentiment, and that can be reflected by what the majority of the market players think.

Many Business related channels, and business newspapers, magazines (business media) conduct regular polls and opinion gathering from stock brokers, market experts, and even general public. So we decided to give our readers a chance to participate in a similar manner, and collect this data about the stock market performance. Read further to take part.

Winers of June 2011:
Although we got only 336 responses (minimum requried were 500), we still decided to give away partial prizes as this being the first month of our competition:
Prize 1 - Rs. 200 - Mr. Vipul Agarwal - Correct Prediction of ICICI Bank
Prize 2 - Rs. 200 - Ms. Manjari Nigam - One of the majority of predictors of Reliance

Conditions for Stock Market Opinion Participation:
It's a stock market business. Can anyone really predict the stock market? That's the million dollar question to answer.

So, what conditions can be put up for any such stock returns prediction? Basically - No one has the answer. But there ought to be some atleast to keep us safe :-) as this is a game. So here are the basic few:
- Participating in this does NOT require any purchase or payment by the person taking part - So please, dont hand over your credit card details to us, dont send any cheques or transfer any money to our accounts for any participation. We dont really need a single penny from you :-)
- The winners will be decided based upon the random no. generated through excel-sheet macro. The program takes up a list of numbers and returns one of them randomly. Two such nos. will be generated as there are two prizes. The participants do NOT have any right to question the selection.
- Once the nos. are generated, those participants will be contacted via email and asked for their full postal address. Hence, while filling in your details in the form below, please provide your correct email address.
- We need to ensure that there are sufficient and genuine no. of stock market responses. Hence, there should be a minimum of 500 unique responses. If there are less than 500 responses by the deadline, the game stands cancelled - no prizes will be given. So not just you, also request your friends, family members and other relatives to participate.
- At last, by taking part you agree that you do not have any claim on prize of this, you will not sue us if you do not get the prize, you are aware that no claim can be made on anything, there are only 2 prizes and rest will not get anything.... You are anyways not paying a single penny - right?
- The results or responses should not be used for making bets in the stock market - If you do so, you do it at your own risk. Dont come back to us saying that you lost money in this. You agree that you cannot have us or anyone responsible for any action that you take based upon the responses of this. Blah, Blah, Blah....
- That's all. No more rules, No more terms and No more conditions.

Why are we giving these prizes away? Nothing specific - just simple site promotion! Either we spend money on adwords or give it directly to our loyal readers. The second option we think is better!

How do I know the exact no. of responses till date?
We're going to be real-time transparent on this :-)
So, that's why we want you to enter your details in 2 steps.
First Step - respond to the few questions in the "Stock Market Best Performing Share" form below and click on "Submit".
Second Step - Once you get the confirmation message of your submission, Click on "Post Your Comments" link below. It might require registration by Blogger of your Google Account. In the comment form, put your first name, city & your selected stock in the comment.
Do NOT put your other personal details like email-id.

So at any given point of time, you can see how many responses have been received till date. People will also know who all are eligible, in real time.
Please note - you will be eligible only if you complete both the steps - 1) fill up the form and 2) post it in the comments

How do you make calculations about the best performing stock?
The 5 shares which are listed below have the following closing price on 31st May 2011:
DLF - 210.45
ICICI Bank - 1086.10
Ranbaxy - 551.90
ONGC - 281.05
Reliance - 951.85

What you need to tell us is which of these stocks will give the highest monthly return percentage-wise, in the month of June. The calculations will be simple.
Percentage Change in Share Price = (Closing Price on 31st July)/(Closing Price on 30th June) * 100%

Whichever stock will have the maximum Percentage Change in Share Price (as calcualted by above formula) will be the correct answer. All the respondents who would have selected that stock will qualify for the first prize.

That's not all. There is second prize as well. Irrespective of which stock turns out to be the best performer, we will also reward another person from the majority group. Suppose there are 2000 responses and best % change is by ONGC stock. But out of 2000 responses, majority (say 1500) predicted Reliance. Hence, the second price will go to the person from the group who predicted Reliance.

What can you get for Predicting it correctly, or predicting it correctly/incorrectly but being with the majority?
Rules are simple, so are those for Rewards.

No. of Responses First Prize (Rs.) Second Prize (Rs.)
>50,000 10,000.00 8,000.00
>25,000 7,500.00 4,000.00
>10,000 3,500.00 2,000.00
>5,000 2,000.00 1,000.00
>500 500.00 500.00

- The minimum prize amount is Rs. 500 each. But the condition is that there should be atleast 500 unique responses to this best performing stock opinion game. If the no. of responses is less than 500, then the game stands cancelled - there will be no prizes at all.

So, not just you, also request your family members and friends to participate in this.

The deadline for this is end of day 00:00 hrs 28th July 2011 IST - any entries received after that will be disqualified.

How can one make good prediction about high return stocks?
There are multiple ways to predict stock market returns for the best performing stocks, they are as follows:

1) Make a random guess - This works the best, but you need to be lucky :)
2) Go for technical analysis and charting knowledge
3) Get into fundamental stock analysis
4) Take tips and consult with friends. But dont pay your stock broker for advise, they are usually wrong :)
Have Comments or Questions? Please post them as comments using "Post our Comments" link below. Your queries will be responded for free in 24 hrs!

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