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Bharti Infratel IPO: Review Analysis & Details of Bharti Infratel IPO

Bharti Infratel IPO Details, Review, Analysis, Opinion and information on Bharti Infratel IPO
Bharti Infratel, which is a subsidiary of Sunil Mittal led Bharti Airtel company is planning to come out with its IPO or initial Public Offering.
In this article we will look upon the Details, Review, Analysis of the Bharti Infratel IPO. Let's start with some basic details first:
- The size of Bharti Infratel IPO is 118.9 million equity shares.
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- The above no. of shares will constitute 10% of the total shares of Bharti Infratel
- The capital expected to be collected through these shares will be in the range of Rs 39.67 billion to Rs 45.34 billion, depending on the price band.
- This Bharti Infratel IPO is going to be the largest IPO after the Coal India IPO around 2 years back

What are the primary reasons for Bharti Infratel to come out with the Bharti Infratel IPO?
Although we dont have concrete details available at the moment, any IPO is always brought for Fund raising. How that fund will be used is something we would update this section with, as soon as we find relevant information.

What is the issue size of the Bharti Infratel IPO?
The Bharti Infratel IPO size is of 118.9 million shares.

What is the price band of Bharti Infratel IPO?
The Face Value of each Equity Share is Rs. 10 each.
The price band and the minimum bid lot will be Rs 210 to Rs 240 a share.

Bharti Infratel IPO: Review Analysis & Details

How many shares will be sold in the Bharti Infratel IPO?
The total no. of shares to be sold through this IPO is 188.9 million shares.
Of these, the parent company Bharti Infratel is learnt to sell 146.2 million new shares.
There are many shareholders of Bharti Infratel of which four including Singapore's Temasek and Goldman Sachs are selling 42.7 million shares.
Bharti Airtel, currently owns around 86% of Bharti Infratel, is not selling any shares.

What are the IPO dates for Bharti Infratel IPO?
The issue will open on December 10, 2012 institutional investors and to the retail investors on December 11. It will close on December 14, 2012

How will the capital raised by Bharti Infratel IPO be used?
No Info about that as of now.

Any ratings given to Bharti Infratel IPO?
CRISIL assigns grade 4/5 to Bharti Infratel IPO. This indicates strong fundamentals 'above average'.

What are the business results business results for Bharti Infratel IPO?
As per the details available, the following info is available about the business details of Bharti Infratel:
- Consolidated Operating Income of Bharti Infratelhas increased at a four-year CAGR of 91% to Rs 92.6 billion in FY12
- Stable EBITDA in the 35-37% range over FY10-FY12
- Debt to Equity Ratio is low at a value of 0.2x
- Bharti Infratel consolidated net worth is reported to be around 139 billion INR

What are the analysts recommendations and business results for Bharti Infratel IPO?
- Based on the price band the market cap of the company will be in the range of 39,660 crore to Rs 45,330 crore Rupees
- Bharti Infratel owns more than 33,000 towers in 18 States in India
- It has presence in 11 telecom circles
- It also holds a 42 % stake in Indus Towers, which owns around 110,000 towers

JP Morgan, HSBC, UBS, Standard Chartered, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Deutsche Bank, Kotak Mahindra and Enam are learned to be the Book Running lead managers and advisors for the Bharti Infratel IPO
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