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This page contains the details about the expert panel of contributors on Finance Trading Times Website. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, complains or suggestions. The contact details (email) is provided at the end of this article.
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FTT Articles & News Contributors and Experts Panel

The articles and news stories on Finance Trading Times are contributed by a team of financial specialists. Though based in different parts of the globe, they are connected to each other as MBA colleagues or through industry contacts:

Erica Hull:

Erica is an experienced investment accountant and writes articles on different financial segments like Accounting, Mutual Funds and IPO's for companies across the globe. She also writes about financial training courses and contents. Earlier she was in London (UK), now she is a based in Netherlands, Europe. (See LinkedIn Profile of Erica)

Vilas Neelkant:

Vilas is a seasoned private equity and corporate investment researcher. He works at a leading investment firm in Mumbai (India) as an analyst and writes regularly on the latest trends in the investment industry. His primary interests are in the fields of Private Equity, Corporate Investments and Mergers & Acquisitions.

Chris Tien:

Chris is based in Michigan, US. He works as a financial consultant with a leading consultancy firm, and likes to write on Trading Trends in the stock markets and investment oppotunities in developing alternate energy sector. His primary interest is in ETF and alternate energy sector specific stocks. (See LinkedIn Profile of Chris)


Shobhit is the owner of this Finance News site, which started in 2007. Shobhit is based in India, and works as a derivative consultant. His areas of interest are in Derivative & Commodity Trading, Technical Analysis on Index Price Movements and developing Quantitative models for pricing derivatives.
Shobhit started this site as a hobby blog and was gradually joined by his MBA colleagues and industry contacts like Chris, Erica and Vilas. Today, each of them contribute articles in their respective areas of expertise.
Shobhit also owns another website exclusively meant for Derivatives: Futures, Options, etc..

Rajesh & Raghu:

Rajesh and Raghu work in multiple roles - from gathering news items and trends, proof-reading, formatting and publishing the articles received from the expert contributors as well as maintaining the layout of this website. They also work on contributing to general news items on this site.
Usually, all the articles are published by Rajesh & Raghu under the common Author Name "Investment n Trading Advisor", as they are formatted and published after being received from the respective author. However, we have now gradually started to include the individual author names.

In case you have any queries with regard to any specific articles, the best way to approach the author is to post the comments under the respective articles. Else, please feel free to mail us your thought at contactus(AT) finance-trading-times.com and the concerned author will respond to you.

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