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Size of Windows 10 Version 1903 Update

Honestly, this post is about the irritating torture that a user has to go through in the name of Windows Updates which are pushed down the user’s throat (either willingly or unwillingly) by one of the largest technology corporate of the world called Microsoft Corp. This article explains the monstrous size of such “Windows Updates,”    the pain and suffering that an average user has to go through, the direct and indirect cost incurred by them by loss of business and productivity, and most importantly why Microsoft has not yet learnt that it can avoid the user harassment simply by offering the basic details about the updates. Perhaps, only God can tell why Microsoft can’t inform of these basic details in advance. I’m not going to crib about the hundreds of errors, bugs and failures that a user has to go through, nor am I going to complain about the loss of important data, documents and files and other bugs that has been a regular issue over the last year following these updates, but I am going to talk about how Microsoft can make user’s lives easy by offering some core details about these updates, and isn’t it surprising that the stalwarts at Windows product management at Microsoft are not doing that.

Earlier, it was the “Feature update to Windows 10, version 1809” that killed my computer and data few months back, and now it is the “Feature update to Windows 10, version 1903” doing the same. During the 1809 update, I lost more than 4 days of business because of the forced and uninformed updates pushed on by the dictator, and this 1903 is turning out to be no different. It is the third day today and the “Download” is stuck at 99% as can be seen in the following image:

After three days or torture, I’ll have to wait for another day to get this through to 100%.

Big Size of Feature update to Windows 10, version 1903

Interestingly, this time Microsoft made something better. Instead of pushing the heavy and bulky update down the user’s throat without any intimation, they offered a link to click in the Settings à Update section for a few days, which allowed the users the much needed info to plan their work and initiate the update at a convenient time.
However, an important piece (and the format of update) is still missing. That’s called the SIZE of the update files that are to be downloaded to the user’s computer (read pushed down the throat).
The size of Feature update to Windows 10, version 1903 is more than 6 Gigabytes (GB). That too when I have left all the updates ON - that is, my computer always gets updated instantly with the updates sent by Microsoft. If any other user has left the updates OFF, which means some of the previously sent updates were missing. In that case, this Feature update to Windows 10, version 1903 will first download and update those missing ones, and then collectively update everything. It will make the download size even larger than 6GB. Astonishing isn’t it? Even with the bare minimum ~6.5 GB update size, it huge, huge and really huge and wrecks havoc for an average global user.
But Microsoft management doesn’t care. Sitting in the USA, they are making money globally, and are pushing these heavy and bulky updates under the impression that all across the globe unlimited data is available at the speed of light. Far from reality, they don’t know (and don’t want to realize) that hundreds of countries across the globe are still struggling to provide basic high speed internet, and pushing these updates sucks up the entire data in one shot, leaving the user handicapped for a whole day. This cycle continues for multiple days, as each day’s daily data quota gets exhausted within no time in the morning. A user’s work gets severely impacted.

What can Microsoft do?

It very surprising that despite several requests to Microsoft, they are simply not displaying the size of the downloads (or better to say not willing to for reasons best known to themselves). If the update system is smart enough to calculate which updates are to be downloaded, why can’t the same system compute and simply display the size of the download (like “approx. 6.5GB”)?
This simple 2 word display of the size can make lives easier for millions across the globe. They can purchase additional data packs of the given size, or plan their update activities at a convenient time and location with proper availability of the high-speed data, and have minimal impact on their regular work and business.
Even better is to “additionally” offer these massive updates in chunks of half GB files each. For instance, if the total update size if 6.2 GB, make 13 different files available - first 12 of half GB each, and the thirteenth one of remaining 0.2 GB. That way, a user can conveniently download one (or many) update files as per his own schedule and convenience without impacting his business. What prevents the technology giant to accomplish such simple method, instead of choking user’s machine and the available internet bandwidth for multiple days? Seems to be a typical case of high-headedness.

Feature update to Windows 10, version 1903 - Early Warning

Recent news articles indicate that though this time Microsoft has (for a change) allowed a link to appear in the Settings à Update section for “Feature update to Windows 10, version 1903” for the last few days, they are planning to revert to “force push” the updates in next few days if users don’t comply.
So again, you will be left handicapped once that force is pushed. Better plan your work, and schedule the updates accordingly. Purchase extra data packs for high speed internet data for at least 7 Gigabytes or more. In my case, the size appears to be a minimal of 6.5 GB, and still stuck at 99% on the third day today. What gets downloaded to your PC in the name of “Feature update to Windows 10, version 1903” may be accumulation of what was missing earlier from your PC, and the size may increase accordingly for each user.
But most important, pray to the Almighty that Microsoft managers get some brains. Hope that it will help them realize the ground realities about internet availability across the globe, and how their high-headed update methods with zero information display literally kills the business and earnings of millions of individuals and businesses across the globe for several days. All this, just because Microsoft can claim to make their Windows more secure for the user through these updates. May the common sense prevail, and hope to see better management and display of realistic information for the future updates that may be pushed down our throats.

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